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Dr. William L. "Sonny" Payne, Jr. and his wife, Reva, were the founders of New Gate Ministries. They were called to proclaim God’s Word throughout the world, especially to the nation of Israel. They ministered in Israel on numerous occasions and have done several television specials from various Biblical sites throughout that region.

Sonny was a teacher of God's Word and had extensive knowledge regarding Israel, its history, the blood covenants, and the First, Second and soon to be rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

He also had the privilege of acquiring the first ever television footage of the archaeological excavations underneath the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem dating back to the times of King Solomon.

Sonny had a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees from the International Bible College and Seminary and a Doctor of Theology degree from Carolina University of Theology. He has studied the Hebrew language through the Shelabim Hebrew Language Course, Fluent Biblical and Modern Hebrew, and the Pimsleur Hebrew Language Course.

Sonny and Reva's heart's desire and mission was to help prepare the Body of Christ for His soon return and to see the Jewish people come to know their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

This updated website has been established by Sonny's sister, Jeaneane Payne, in remembrance of him and to continue sharing his ministry work to reach the world for Jesus. It took 397 hours to organize his materials and build the website. Jeaneane launched the new website on October 1, 2023, just five days before Hamas attacked Israel.

Jeaneane is owner/publisher of the Knoxville Daily Sun and has earned a number of certificates from Northern Seminary, including:

• Certificate of Pastoral Leadership - taught by Dr. William D. Shiell
• Certificate of Ministry - (many courses taught by numerous seminary professors)
• Certificate in the Study of Ephesians - taught by Dr. Lynn Cohick
• Certificate of Justice & Reconciliation - (many courses taught by numerous seminary professors)

Jeaneane is also a long time member of numerous hospitality associations in the Smoky Mountains area and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Sonny wrote two books: Bought With A Price and The DNA of Jesus Christ

Every issue facing society today either directly or indirectly affects the blood system, whether it be drugs, sex, sickness, disease, war, etc.:

• Why is the blood so important?
• What mystery does it hold, that if unlocked, can insure our future?
• Does blood have a voice after the body dies?
• Is there a higher spiritual significance to the blood that flows through our veins?
• Why is the blood of Jesus Christ the most important element in Christianity?

Bought with a Price

All of these questions are answered in this book as Dr. Payne unveils the mystery of the rite of blood covenanting. From the beginning of creation blood covenanting has been the most important, yet least understood, ceremony in human history. In Bought With A Price, Dr. Payne takes you on a journey from Adam, the first man, to our contemporary 21st Century in explaining what "blood covenanting" is, why it is necessary, even in our modern times, the rite itself, and its results and benefits. Using the Bible as his guide, along with documented historical events, you will see the real meaning behind blood transfusions, cannibalism, human sacrifices, abortions, and self inflicted scars on the bodies of tribal peoples.

Bought with a Price, which is on the blood covenants, has been used in schools of ministry, churches, and Bible colleges. Dr. Payne spent almost twenty five years studying and teaching on Israel, its history, the Temple and the blood covenants. He also studied God's plan for Israel and the Church in these last days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is much controversy today concerning Jesus Christ. Was He really God's Son? Could God have a Son without a female sexual encounter? Could His Son come to earth, be born of a virgin, yet inherit no DNA from a human source? If He was God's Son, how could He become a man? Why was Jesus' blood and DNA more important than any person who has ever lived and why did He have to die and raise from the dead? How does Jesus Christ's DNA affect your blood system, your decisions in life and your eternal destiny? These are valid questions that need to be answered.

DNA of Jesus Christ

In an age of postmodernism, the new age movement, paganism and secular humanism, many are looking for answers to life, trying to figure out why they exist, what their purpose is for living and if there really is a God. What about evil; will it will ever cease to exist? Why is the blood is the most important element in the human body and has a voice even after death. How did the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) affect the blood system of every person who has ever been born, except One.

Is there really life after death? What happens to a person when they die and where do they go? Is there really a place called Heaven and a place called Hell? The answers to all the above questions are in the pages of this book and will change your life forever.

This book was born out of a simple question that was asked of me one morning at breakfast by a friend of mine. A few of us had gathered in Fredericksburg, VA, for a weekend of prayer, seeking the Lord on some specific directions regarding each of our lives. My friend said, “Sonny, what happened to Adam and Eve when they ate the apple?” My first response was that they disobeyed God’s Word. Second, there was something in the forbidden fruit that had a substance of some kind in it that changed their blood chemistry and caused physical death, not an instant death but a death that caused the body to begin to decay and die over time. What substance within the fruit was so powerful that it caused the first two sinless, perfect human beings, created in God’s image, to change so dramatically that it altered the history of man forever? To find the answer, I began an in-depth study on the subject.

Years ago, I wrote a book on God’s blood covenants with man called Bought with a Price, so I was rather familiar with the importance of human blood and its effects on man’s eternal destiny. As I delved into these new studies, I began to gain a greater understanding of human blood, its DNA, and the impact it has on the choices we make in life.

From my new insights, I wrote an article on Jesus’ virgin birth. It brought the greatest response of anything I had ever written. It was that article which let me know I had to write this book and show the importance of blood and DNA, especially the DNA of Jesus Christ, and the physical and spiritual aspects of the blood.

What causes human beings to excitedly attend sporting events that have a tendency to cause bloodshed (such as boxing, hockey, pro wrestling, dog fights, and other events of like nature), yet run to the aid of someone who has had an accident and is losing blood, to try and stop the bleeding? It is paradoxical. The blood is mysterious yet necessary, not only for physical life but also for spiritual life.

In this book I attempt to unlock the secrets to the mysteries of the blood, give a clear picture of the beauty and majesty of Jesus Christ, show why His DNA was not from human parents, and explain why His blood is the most important element regarding man’s...

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