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Dr. William L. "Sonny" Payne, Jr. and his wife, Reva, were the founders of New Gate Ministries. They were called to proclaim God’s Word throughout the world, especially to the nation of Israel. They ministered in Israel on numerous occasions and have done several television specials from various Biblical sites throughout that region.

Sonny was a teacher of God's Word and had extensive knowledge regarding Israel, its history, the blood covenants, and the First, Second and soon to be rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

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My brother, Sonny, had a very good sense of humor
. In the few years before his death, he and his wife and I spent a lot of time together. We enjoyed dining in nice restaurants in Knoxville and in the Smoky Mountains. One of his favorites was the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge which is the last time I saw him. We knew the mountains well -- mountain hiking trails, driving trails, picnic areas, wildlife, and so much more. Often as we made lengthy drives through the mountains, Sonny would make up humorous stories as we rode. He loved the mountains as much as anyone. -- Jeaneane Payne, sister

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