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More than 100 Israelis are dead and 900 Israelis have been injured in the Hamas rocket and terror assault from Beersheba to Jerusalem
October 7, 2023

New Technology in an Ancient World: Using Artificial Intelligence to Study Ancient Hebrew Texts
The overall aim of the project is to develop a method to integrate these fields, using cutting edge machine learning techniques, with the goal of getting a much more complete picture of the development of the text and language of the Hebrew Bible than is currently possible.

Jerusalem find dating back to biblical kings baffles archaeologists

August 30, 2023
An unprecedented channel installation dating back to the First Temple period was uncovered in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday.

Evidence of Second Temple’s destruction unearthed in Jerusalem
July 7, 2023
Tangible evidence of the destruction of the Second Temple and the devastating events that unfolded in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago has come to light with the discovery of a rare coin in Jerusalem’s City of David National Park.

Saddam Hussein, Defiant Dictator Who Ruled Iraq With Violence and Fear, Dies
December 30, 2006
The hanging of Saddam Hussein ended the life of one of the most brutal tyrants in recent history and negated the fiction that he himself maintained even as the gallows loomed — that he remained president of Iraq despite being toppled by the United States military and that his power and his palaces would be restored to him in time.

Nehemiah's Wall Found in Jerusalem
On November 8, 2007 at an archaeological conference at Bar Ilan University near Tel Aviv, Dr. Eilat Mazar told 500 attendees that she had discovered Nehemiah’s wall. The discovery comes just two years after Mazar uncovered a small section of King David’s royal palace. Last winter, during the second phase of her ongoing palace excavation, she uncovered a massive wall on the eastern side of the royal complex, measuring 5 meters in width.

Second Temple era street discovered in City of David
February 5, 2007
A 3,000 year old street in the old City of David was discovered during excavations. Excavations conducted recently in the City of David revealed the main commercial street dating back to King Herod's time (around 74 B.C.E.)

Saddam Hussein saw himself as the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar
He suffered the same ignoble fate. Evil tyrants are nothing new to the region of Babylon, present-day Iraq. One of the most vicious in history was Nebuchadnezzar (sixth century BCE), the Babylonian king who built the most powerful nation in the world by ruthlessly attacking and annexing neighboring countries.

High Priest's Crown is Ready!
December 3, 2007
The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announces the completion of the Tzitz, the High Priest's headplate - now ready for use in the Holy Temple. The tzitz is made of pure gold, was fashioned over the course of a more than a year by the craftsmen of the Temple Institute, and is ready to be worn by the High Priest in the rebuilt Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Archaeologists Find Ancient Israel Tunnels
March 13, 2008
Underground chambers and tunnels used during a Jewish revolt against the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago have been uncovered in northern Israel, archaeologists said. The Jews laid in supplies and were preparing to hide from the Romans during their revolt in A.D. 66-70, the experts said. The pits, which are linked by short tunnels, would have served as a concealed subterranean home.

2,100 Year Old Wall Rediscovered in Jerusalem
September 3, 2008
Israeli archaeologists said on Wednesday they had rediscovered rare remains of the wall that surrounded Jerusalem more than 2,100 years ago after locating the site of a 19th century dig.

Archeologist Finds 3,000-year old Hebrew Text
October 31, 2008
An Israeli archaeologist has discovered what he says is the earliest-known Hebrew text, found on a shard of pottery that dates to the time of King David from the Old Testament, about 3,000 years ago. The shard -- or ostracon -- contains five lines of text divided by black lines.

Professor Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem says the inscribed pottery shard -- known as an ostracon -- was found during excavations of a fortress from the 10th century BC.

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