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"Wake up Yideen.
Wake up!
Moshiach is Coming!"

"Wake up Yideen (children). Moshiach (Messiah) is coming!" is an admonition for all of us to prepare ourselves for the return of the King. Two thousand years ago a small group of Jewish believers in a Jewish Messiah named Jesus Christ left Jerusalem, Israel and took that message of salvation to the nations of the world. Now, in these last days, before the return of Jesus Christ the Messiah and Savior of the world, God is calling His church to return the message of salvation back to the Jewish people.

The mission of New Gate Ministries is three-fold:

First, through the teaching of God's Word, to help bring the church to a state of maturity and prepare it for the days ahead and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly, to teach the church of its Jewish roots and responsibility to Israel and the Jewish people in order to be prepared to welcome them into the kingdom of God, and the Body of Christ, through the soon coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Thirdly, to take the message of salvation back to the Jewish people that Jesus Christ is their Messiah and soon coming King.

Teaching topics includes Israel, My Beloved, which takes you through the history of Israel, God's plans for them, and of the important role they have now and will play in world affairs. It reveals why there is such conflict over the land of Israel, the Temple Mount, the city of Jerusalem, and what the end results will be in it all.

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